Artist Photo                   


                Jia Li - Chinese Contemporary Artist ( b.1964 )


1964    Born in Zhengzhou, China


1993    PLA Art College, Fine Art


1999    Postgraduate in Oil Painting, China Central Academy of Fine Arts


A member of China Artists Association since 1999

                Key Exhibitions


2012   "Infinite" contemporary art exhibition, Beijing Mirror Gallery


2012   "North Latitude Thirty Nine Point Eight" contemporary art exhibition , Beijing Mirror Gallery


2012   "A Painting" contemporary art exhibition , Beijing Mirror Gallery


2011   "Coordinates" contemporary art exhibition,Beijing A+A Art Space


2006    Short-listed for the 2006 Celeste Art Prize curated by Goldsmith College, University  of London


2005    Islington Contemporary Art & Design Fair, London


2005    Battersea Contemporary Art Fair, London


2003   "Excellency”Art Prize winner, the 3rd National Oil Painting Exhibition, China National Gallery, Beijing


2001   "Insipid Flow" Oil Painting Exhibition, International Art Gallery, Beijing


2000   Top prize - "Art Prize” winner, ‘Explore and Go Beyond’ – the 1st National Small-sized Oil Painting Exhibition,

             China National Gallery, Beijing


1999    The 9th China National Fine Arts Exhibition, Shanghai Art Gallery


1998   "National Chinese Landscape Paintings and Oil Paintings Exhibition", China National Gallery, Beijing


1997    National Fine Arts Special Exhibition on Return of Hong Kong in 1997, China National Museum, Beijing


1996    Solo Exhibition, Osaka Cultural Museum, Japan


1996    First National Oil Painting Exhibition curated by Chinese Oil Painting Association, China National Gallery


1994    The 8th China National Fine Arts Exhibition, China National Gallery, Beijing


1992    The 2nd National Oil Painting Annual Exhibition, China National Gallery, Beijing